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Kombucha Mailing List

The Kombucha mailing list is the center of Kombucha action on the Internet and is very active. It is the best place on the internet to interactively communicate about Kombucha. There are some real experts on this mailing list including authors of Kombucha books, Kombucha researchers, and Kombucha suppliers.

Kombucha List Owner and Administrator is Beverly B. Ferguson (OM@bestweb.net) She is the administrator of the Kombucha Center.

Subscribing to the Mailing List

Watch out, this list is quite active. To subscribe to the Kombucha mailing list, send a blank email message to:


There is a form on Bev's website to make it easier to subscribe to the Original Kombucha Mailing list.
Just go to http://users.bestweb.net/~om/kmi/websites.html

More Details About the List

For more Kombucha Mailing List Information go to

Newsgroups and Searching the Internet

There is currently no newsgroup devoted to Kombucha. There is some Kombucha activity on the following newsgroups: You can use a search engine to search all the news groups and get a listing of all the messages that contain the word Kombucha.

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Still any questions? Join the kombucha discussion list by sending a blank message to original_kombucha-subscribe@yahoogroups.com.

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