© Copyright Guenther W. Frank, Genossensch.-Str. 10, D-75217 Birkenfeld, Germany - E-mail: frank@kombu.de
Translated by Mrs. Dorota Humeau, E-mail: humeau@naxco.com.
I wish to express my sincerest thanks to Mrs. Dorota Humeau for translating this guide.

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You are wanted!
I want you I am looking for volunteers who are willing to translate the Kombucha Journal into more languages. The Kombucha Journal is a free service to help other people: “Mutual help makes even the poor rich”, as a Chinese saying goes. So I would appreciate if you could translate the texts for free. Certainly your name will be mentioned on the article that you translated. If you want I can also add your photograph.

Please send your translation to Guenther W. Frank, e-mail frank@kombu.de

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